Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea devoted to promote the upstream of Beishi River, Pinglin.

Through “River Basin Recovery”,
more and more farmers in the watershed stop the usage of pesticide.
The farmers are the protector of Satoyama.
Only the watershed without pesticide,
Can be home for all creatures,
Taiwan Bluemagpie Tea needs your support.
Bluemagpie Tea set the goal to recover the 3 contributaries of Beishi River,
Including Shangde, Dacukeng, and Yuguang,
Working hard with every efforts with tens of farmers.

Leopard Cat Rice, Miaoli

Dr. Chen Mei-ting, mother of Leopard cat participates in leopard cat preservation
research for a long time, Fongsuwo is the first place of leopard cat field work.
Fongsuwo Leopard Cat Rice is produce grow by the local farmer, without chemical
and friendly to leopard cat. We hope to deliver the idea of leopard cat preservation.
As the idea immersed in the community, we expected the balance between ecology
and economy.

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2019 Pinglin District Volunteer Program

This year, the Blue MagPie Tea working with ELIV International Volunteer Service to run a 4-day & 3-night event – “Sustainable Development – The culture tour of Tea” where we will take you to know the genuine Pinglin in the most down-to-earth way. We wish to provide strong supports to those tea farmers who really cherish the land and environment with love through the hand of volunteers nurturing these tea farms.

Two ways to support Taiwan Bluemagpie Tea

Make people live in Taipei can take pure, natural drinking water by River Basin Recovery program.

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