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【Wenshan Paochong 】Tea Leaf



—【Natural & Healthy | Environmental Protection By Drinking A Cup of Tea】—

  • As Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea wants to provide consumer with “Environmental Protection By Drinking A Cup of Tea”, we started our story in Pinglin, a land of tea history and also the upstream of Feitsui reservoir. We hope to protect this Xanadu, so that all creatures can live. At the same time, this land that all creature live can grow a cup of tea that is healthy and tasty.
  • It is said that the most well-known tea in the north is Tung-ting and Paochong in the south. The craft of making Paochong is extraordinary in Pinglin. Winning countless competition, people in Pinglin are also proud of this craft.

  • Color | Emerald
  • Flavor | Elegant Flora
  • Taste | Mellow and Sweet
  • Cultivar | Chin Shin Oolong
  • Season | 2019 Spring
  • Origin | Taiwan Pinling

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