July, 2012

─ After Huang Po-Chun learned how to make Japanese Toyooka Oriental White Stork Rice, he brought up the tea making model that cares habitat protection and farmers, and named the brand “Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea”.

March, 2013

─ Pinglin tea famers LinLin Wen-Wang, Chen Chun-Chieh, and Fu Lien-Fu join Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea, became the first famers working with us.

June, 2014

─ Wholesalers disappeared before paying for the tea, Huang Po-Chun loaned two million to buy those tea, started unning business.

September, 2015

─ Passed the evaluation of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, and becomes one of the first social  enterprises that are verified.

November, 2015

─ World Wide Found of Nature Beijing Office visited, and this is the start of the international visits.

June, 2016

─ Brought up the idea of “River Basin Recovery”, received the subsidy from Taipei City Government, Development of Economic Development, by watershed planning contract farming.

Auguest, 2016

─ Carrefour Cultural and Education Foundation started contract farming with Fu家ien-Fu, and more and more enterprise join this plan.

October, 2016

─ Done tha FlyingV crowdfunding for the environmental friendly transfer of three tea farms near Shang De River.

December, 2016

─Lin Wen-Wang’s Baochung Tea won golden award in 2016張天福吳振鐸盃兩岸烏龍茶比賽.

September, 2017

─ Citibank President of CSR Florencia Spangaro visited, experience the tea plucking in the farm Citibank practiced contract farming.

October, 2017

─ Contract with Singapore agency, first time selling our tea abroad.