The Craft of Tea

A good tea which is grown in harmony with the solar terms.

BlueMagpie Tea and the solar term editor of New Taipei City record the eco-friendly
agriculture through the contract farming during the year. Only the watershed without
agrichemical can be the home to all creatures. Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea chooses the
good tea for you.
We promote Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea in Pinling. Starting from family farming, we
organize each distinct tea farmer by the region of river basin recovery. Through the
planned contract farming with no chemical in the watershed, Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea
makes people who live in Pinglin become guardians of the Satoyama. Only the
watershed without agrichemical is home to all creatures. Creating an Eco-village
needs your support.


We need the tea farmers to join the eco-friendly contract farming with us. We also
need the public participation, because it’s power to support native tea farmers
transfer to grow teas without chemical.


Hsieh Chia-Yu

Hsieh Chia-Yu and Hsieh Chin-Tu are father-daughter relationship, a rare partnership of tea farmers. Chia-Yu who graduated from the plant industry department-tea related. She ignored her father’s objection and decided going back to Pinglin growing teas, after working in the city a period of time.


Hsieh Chin-Tu

If you have been the event of tea processing experience, you might know he is a great quality tea grower. At 2018, his Oriental Beauty Tea won a two-star Superior Taste Award from iTQi. He insists on making good teas only from the Oolong type. Not only his Oriental Beauty tea but also his Wenshan Pouchong tea has a quite good quality.


Wang Tien-Sung

Tien-Sung lives in the Shang Keng Tzu Kou of Shang De River. One of his farms, His Ti farm, is at the riverside, and another farm, is in the mountains. Looking away from hos house, you’ll see the mountains one over another. When the sun rise, it looks like standing in the sea of clouds. Tien-Sung insist living on growing teas. Although no desirable for life, he still struggles to raise his four kids alone. However, this family is gifted to make good tea. Tien-Sung’s tea is simple but with delicate fragrance. He is a perfect partner to BlueMagpie Tea.


Lin Wen-Wang

Like his name, he is the leader of Shang De, Pinling. You can tell his loyalty and self-sacrifice in this picture. His another half is the backbone in his life. In the first year, when the wholesaler disappeared, Wen-Wang stood out to support us. The second year, when our competitors came to snatch for the farms, he stood out for us. In the third year, when a corporate came to hostile takeover, again he stood out for us. We make a loyal friend in the mountains. He awarded 2015 champion of National Tea Making competition. What’s more, in 2016 he win the golden award of Oolong.


Wang Kuo-Tsun

When Kuo-Tsun talks about his farm, you can see his enthusiasm in the eyes. He is also the gentle scholar learning from the process of tea growing. He believes that harvest when the produce ripen matches the law of nature.


Chen Chun-Chieh

“Every steps of small-holder farmer is hard”, he said. During the harvest, farmers have to work nonstop for nearly 36 hours. Every steps are complicated but very realistic. He lives in the for decades, Plum Tree Ridge, the highest mountain in Shang De. He is the protector of the mountain.


Wu Tien-Fa

Fa is the famer who lives in the deepest mountain. His whole family engage in agriculture in the mountain, enjoys the carefree country life with his 5 childern. In a study with tutor from BlueMagpie Tea, we found his amazing 大慢種 Oriental Beauty. From then on, Fa became one of the farmers contract with BlueMagpie Tea. Deep Mountain—大慢種 Oriental Beauty

傅連富 (1)

Fu Lien-Fu

Our partner Fu grows tea in Pinling for the entire life. He is one of the first farmers contract with BlueMagpie Tea. What makes him special is that he lives right beside the bridge built of hundred years, allows him to witness the ups and downs of the region. Fu is a mild person, he always shows up looking unruffled. Every time consumers show support once they know the tea is organic. “I almost give up for times!” The process of transferring to organic is too hard, too difficult. It is his persevering and insistence that he has the result today. Yeas passes, but he always appreciates those who supported him in these days.


Chen Lu-He

Chen Lu-He, a tea craft man who persue eco-friendly tea as the next goal of life. The reason he retire and went back to pinling is he wants to make the “best tea”. He considers that it is the tea without chemical that the authentic taste of the land. From growing tea to making tea, and also from environmrnt recovery to the guide tour, he believes that only the natural farming can reach the balance between humality, agriculture, and environment. This is the man who grows tea in the morning and explains his life experience, home town and the belif of the land in the afternoon.


Lin Dao-Xian

Every story has a start.

Lin Dao-Xian, whose family lives in Da Cu Keng for centuries. Lin Dao-Xian becomes the first farmer for BlueMagpie Tea in 2013, this is the start of the story. The tea he grows testes simple. His old mother is the teasure of the family, she supports the whole family. Until today, he is still the pioneer of river basin recovery in Pinling.


Liang Chin-Fu

Liang Chin-Fu, we call him “Li chang” most of the time since he is not only a farmer but also chief of the village.

His farm named as “Sambar” for two sambers escaped from the farm nearby and passes the tea farm from time to time.

Liang is very confident to his tea, and it is also true that his tea is outsanding, especially he devoted to the tea making process. What’s more, he is attentive when growing tea, allowing consumers to make tea with him following the solar term.


Hsu Chin-Yu

From Yu’s farm, you can see a fascinating view of consists of mountains and the Da She River at the far end. Yu is a tea maker, and Taiwanese teacher in elementary nearby, and also the instructor many consumers assign. His guide is vivid and interesting, making those who know nothing about tea want to stay and learn about it.


Hsu Tsung-Ming

This 92-year-old man is the eldest farmer of all. In 2017, we found an enterprise to support his organic tea farm. With the contract farming, the senior farmer can grow his tea without worries. Every time we go to his farm with him, he talks about the Crested Serpent-eagle hover upon the farm. This is also how he named this farm. Having a sip of his tea, you can taste the fragrance of nature.